Have you ever discovered that apps are disappearing from your iPhone or iPad? You may not have used a particular app in a while, but you know for sure that you downloaded it to your iOS device. However, if you are looking for this app you don’t have it.

Also, if you might have deleted and forgotten the iOS app (or someone else did and didn’t tell you), another more likely possibility is that apps suddenly disappear from an iOS device and that is in “It Is” actually a function of the iOS system software.

The likely reason your apps are disappearing from an iPhone or iPad? Download a feature called Unused Apps.

Many users have enabled the “Download unused apps” option on their iPhone or iPad because the storage settings for iOS devices recommend enabling the feature or because they have enabled it themselves to free up space on their devices. A side effect of this, of course, is that unused (or less-used) apps can be automatically removed from the iPhone or iPad to reduce storage space constraints.

Here’s how to prevent apps from accidentally disappearing from iPhone or iPad

To turn off system settings that can make apps seemingly barely disappearing from an iOS device when space is low:

    1. Open the Settings application on the iPhone or iPad
    2. Go to “iTunes & App Store”
    3. Scroll down and find “Download unused apps” and toggle OFF


  1. Quit ASettings

Chances are you’ll want to launch the App Store now and then restore or re-download the missing apps if that’s what you’ve been looking for. The approach to recovering deleted apps is the same regardless of whether they were lost seemingly accidentally via app download or deleted immediately.

In the future, however, the apps will no longer be automatically deleted. Instead, you’ll need to uninstall or download the applications yourself, or find some other way to free up space on the device.

Both the automatic and manual iOS functions for downloading unused apps are incredibly helpful. However, if you find that they are too aggressive and need to remove the apps they want to use, even if they are rarely used, a better option is to turn off the automatic download feature and rely on using the app manually instead- Download hacks on iOS when you’re stuck in a storage bind or, as mentioned above, just looking for an alternative storage management solution.

Of course, there are other reasons why apps may disappear or disappear from an iPhone or iPad as well, but for most of the users of modern iPhone and iPad devices with newer iOS system software, the cause is downloading applications. The next most likely reason usually occurs after a system recovery or device migration, where applications sometimes fail to move to the new device or are not automatically restored and reinstalled on the device during this process.

Definitely try to turn off the automatic download of unused apps. This can potentially solve your app disappearing problem, and hopefully your apps won’t disappear from the iPhone or iPad after disabling it. If you have any other solution or relevant experience with apps disappearing on iOS, share your experience and solutions in the comments below!

Apps disappearing from the iPhone or iPad? Try this solution out!

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