If you are an avid Facebook Messenger user who sends a lot of photos back and forth, you may appreciate that the app automatically saves those photos and images directly to your iPhone without having to do it manually. You can do just that with the help of a simple configuration switch.

In order for this trick to work, the Facebook Messenger application needs access to the camera roll and the iPhone photo application. Otherwise, the feature will not be able to be activated because you will not have access to save images in the photos application.

How to Automatically Save Photos to iPhone from Facebook Messenger

This will save a copy of all Facebook Messenger photos locally on the iPhone. The feature works the same on Android, but we’re obviously focusing on iOS.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger and click the Team Settings icon
  2. In Settings, scroll down to find “Save Photos to Camera Roll” and toggle the switch to ON.
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Changing this setting will automatically save all photos from all conversations in Facebook Messenger. You can confirm it’s working by going back to the Facebook Messenger application and asking someone to send you a photo. It will automatically appear in your camera in the photo application.

This prevents you from having to manually save Facebook pictures using the touch and hold trick that works the same way in the Facebook app as it does in Facebook Messenger.

If you want to stop this behavior, just go back to Facebook Messenger settings and toggle “Save photos to camera roll” to OFF.

Automatically save pictures through Facebook Messenger

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