Adding watermarks is an invaluable tool for those who want to put a company logo or information on a photo to share the appropriate credits that made the photo possible.

This can be done manually in several types of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or in this tutorial. However, in this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to create an applet that will automatically watermark photos for you.

I find taking photos fun and filtered photos a time or two before in apps like Pixelmator or Photoshop, but it wasn’t exactly a streamlined process. In mass operations, this process quickly becomes cumbersome.

To make things a little faster, you can just create a small applet that will highlight your images in less than a second. All you need is a Mac with the Pixelmator photo editing app installed, one from the Mac App Store.

Create a watermark applet in Automator

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Follow these steps to create an applet that marks your photos or screenshots with an icon of your choice:

1) Run the app Automator from the applications folder on your Mac.

two) In the first window, select the option App and then click the blue button Choose .

3) Then double-click the action Watermark images from the sidebar:

4) When you do this, Automator recommends that you add another action to not only create a new watermarked image, but also to keep the original image. I recommend this too, so hit the blue button Add .

5) You will now be included in your workflow. Both the Pixelmator Action and the Finder Action will appear in your workflow. You need to drag the image you want to use as the watermark icon into the box Watermark image and click anywhere on the 3 × 3 grid position where the watermark should appear.

Note: We selected the logo for the watermark and selected the lower right position in the grid.

6) After you’ve selected and positioned the icon of the watermark, go to File> Export in the menu bar of your Mac.

7) Now give your applet a name, select the application folder as the destination and click the blue button To keep .

8th) Now you want to drag the applet you created onto the dock of your Mac.

You have successfully created an automatic image watermark applet!

Use the applet to watermark the photo

After creating the applet, it is very easy to use. I recommended putting it on your Mac’s dock as it makes the applet extremely quick to use.

To use it, follow these steps:

1) Find an image file that you want to watermark. In this tutorial we are using a bird wallpaper that we found on Google.

two) Drag the image file onto the applet icon on the dock of your Mac:

3) While the app is running, an icon that looks like a gear will briefly appear in your menu bar.

4) The application will now save a new image to your desktop with your watermark embedded in the selected position of the image:

5) You can preview it to see if the watermark has been burned into the image:

And you are done!

Here is a comparison before and after the image with and without the watermark:

The Pixelmator app is required to create this applet, and it is an applet, but it is widely available for sale. So you can always keep an eye on for a while when the price is falling.

Another thing we wanted to tell you is that you can select multiple photos at once and drag them all at once onto the applet icon in your Dock, instead of one at a time, and have all of your photos watermarked. With that in mind, it can save you a lot of time as it only takes a few seconds for everyone to be done!

If you need a faster way to add watermarks to your photos, be it because you’re doing tutorials or because you’re a professional or amateur photographer, this is a wonderful way to get through the process without wasting more time. than necessary.

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