An iPhone client launched this afternoon for its growing study and tutoring service called Helpouts. The application enables users to find and schedule utilities, launch their own free utility, read comments and list details, and send messages to other users.

For those unfamiliar with the Google Help service, it is a website that connects you with experts in various fields such as cooking, health, and arts and music. These experts teach video courses that teach you how to play everything from playing the guitar to editing photos.

From the new application:

With the Helpouts app for iOS devices, you can get help and help anywhere, even on the go. Currently, free utilities are only available through the iOS app. You can also use the Helpouts application to notify news providers, leave feedback, and provide feedback on Helpouts.

You can only download the Helpouts app for your iOS device if your iTunes account is in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, or the US. To use the Helpouts app, you must also be using iOS 6 or higher.

In addition to browsing and finding utilities, the iOS app lets users launch their own free utilities, as well as read reviews and details from other experts’ lists. You can also leave your own comments, send messages to other users, and edit your profile settings.

It’s worth noting that some utility programs cost money. So take care. It also seems to take a while for a helpout to start. So it is of no use to you if you need help immediately. Regardless, the service seems interesting. You can find tools for free in the App Store.

Google starts the utilities for the new iPhone app

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