Photos play an important role in creating a compelling business presentation, detailed school report and what not. As much as I like Google’s productivity apps and mobile productivity apps, the lack of support for adding pictures to documents directly from an iOS device has been a mystery to me.

But not anymore. Similar to the official Google Docs blog, users of the Google Docs app can now add images directly from their iPhone or iPad.

How to add images to Google Docs

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Step 1: To add a picture from your iOS camera roll or instantly take a new photo, first tap the plus icon in the upper right corner of any document or slide.

Step 2: This will display a contextual menu as shown below. Now tap on the new ‘Image’ button.

Step 3: You have two options. All you have to do is decide whether to add a picture from your camera roll (‘From Photos’) or quickly take a photo to add to your document (‘From Camera’).

Tip: This function works offline. “Your work doesn’t stop once your data connection is up,” says Google. “Today’s enhancements to documents and slides are still available when you’re offline.”

Crop, resize, or mask images

You can also crop the newly added picture simply by double-tapping it on slides, which will enter crop mode. As shown in the screenshot above in the message, you can crop the sides of the image or tap the mask image icon to crop it to a specific shape.

Tip: This feature is only available in Google Slides.

As a bonus, Google Slides has been given the valued opportunity to insert and edit tables on the fly. Note that Google Sheets lacks the new image picker as the spreadsheet app doesn’t initially support images in cells.

Speaking of updates: two popular Google products have also received updates in the App Store. , now in version 5.4, has received colorful new search results for movies, books, famous people and photos.

And with improvements to make searching for “Home Instructions” and “Work Instructions” more reliable, and the ability to share your best photos in specific locations using the improved photo uploader.

Get it and for free on the App Store.


How to add pictures to Google Docs and move documents to iPhone and iPad

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