Don’t want to pay for toll roads and toll bridges when you drive? You can now choose a setting in the Apple Maps app for iOS to avoid tolls when getting directions on Maps for iPhone or iPad.

This little-known setting changes the map app’s instructions to specifically avoid toll roads and toll bridges whenever possible. Of course, this means you might have to cover a longer trip or distance, but at least it would avoid paying those pesky tolls.

How to enable the toll avoidance feature in Maps for iOS:

Set Apple Maps to avoid toll roads and toll gates on iPhone

The toll lever is not in the map app, but in the settings app. Here you should check:

  1. Quit the Maps app and return to the normal iOS home screen
  2. Open the Settings app on iOS
  3. Find the Maps section in Settings and click on it
  4. Select “Driving & Navigation” in the map settings
  5. Look for “Charges” under the “Avoid” section and slide the switch to ON.
  6. .

  7. Open the Maps app and get directions as usual. Tolls are now being avoided wherever possible

In my tests, the toll avoidance lever skipped a toll bridge, but it is possible for a toll road or toll bridge to slide through some areas depending on whether you add stops for gas and groceries, your destination, and the size of Apple Maps’ trusted data set.

Whether you are against paying tolls for bridges and highways on principle or because you don’t have the money to pay them, the feature is very effective at avoiding them for any reason. This is probably more useful for iPhone users, but it works on the iPad as well.

This setting should probably be in the Maps app itself so that it can be used by instructions rather than iOS settings. For now, however, you need to disable them in the Settings app and enable them as needed.

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How to avoid toll roads and toll bridges with maps on iPhone

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