A great feature of any browser, whether mobile or desktop, is the ability to use multiple tabs at the same time. You can open multiple websites in different tabs and switch between them. But is there an even easier way to work with more than one site at the same time?

This is where help comes in. This handy browser for iPhone and iPad allows you to view different websites on a single screen that is divided for each individual website. So, here’s how to use the shared web browser to browse multiple websites at the same time on your iPhone or iPad.

Open the shared web browser

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Once you’re free on your iPhone or iPad, open it up to take a look.

You will find that the application is already divided into two screens for you. So you can instantly search multiple websites at once. However, you can adjust the settings to explore three, four, and more websites at the same time.

Adjust the settings for the shared web browser

Go to your application the settings to make adjustments to the display of the shared web browser.

one) On the main screen frame , scroll down and select share .

two) Press Rows and choose one, two or three.

3) I touched columns and choose one, two, three or four.

The adjustments are made instantly, so you can scroll down to the shared web browser and see what the changes look like.

Easily switch from a layout with two to four screens in the settings

Other settings you can change are:

  • Siri and Search
  • Private surfing
  • Search engine
  • Show charge indicator
  • Full screen priority
  • Desktop mode

Navigation functions

The application works in both portrait and landscape format. Also, for each website that is split in the browser, you can do the following:

  • Use a back key.
  • Bookmark that particular page.
  • Open any of the websites in full screen, and then tap to return to the split screen.

Tap the arrows at the top to view a website in full screen, then tap to go back


If you want to try a split screen view to work with multiple sites at the same time on your iOS device, give it a try. Come back and comment or let us know what you think about it.

Have a look while you’re here!

How to browse multiple websites at the same time on iPhone or iPad with shared web browser

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