The main input method for fourth generation Apple TV is the Siri remote, although it is supported as the Made for iOS (MFi) Bluetooth controllers can optionally be used to navigate tvOS.

Despite the input method, you may occasionally want to check the battery level of the remote control or connected gamepad, especially if it has stopped working.

Since tvOS doesn’t have an iOS-style status bar, you need to quickly head into Settings to see the battery level on the Siri remote and other Bluetooth devices.

This tutorial shows you how to check the battery level of your Siri remote control or a Bluetooth gamepad in conjunction with an Apple TV.

How to check the battery level on the Siri remote on 4th generation Apple TV

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Step 1: Go to the section Settings → Remotes and Devices → Bluetooth .

Step 2: Now select your remote control or a Bluetooth game controller to quickly read the current battery level.

How to charge Siri Remote

According to Apple, the Siri remote with its rechargeable battery needs to be charged “a few times a year” with typical use.

There are two ways to charge the remote control:

  • Connect to a computer with the included Lightning to USB cable
  • Plug it into an outlet with an Apple USB power adapter, like the one that came with your iPhone or iPad.

It takes about nine hours to fully charge the Siri remote. You can continue to use it while it is charging. Please note that you cannot charge the remote control directly from your Apple TV.

Siri remote not working?

If the Siri remote isn’t working, it might need charging. When the Siri remote needs charging, a warning will appear on your TV.

If the remote is charged and still doesn’t work, restart your Apple TV. If that doesn’t help, pair the controller again by pointing it at the front of your Apple TV and holding the menu and volume buttons for about five seconds.

To adjust the sensitivity of the Siri remote’s touchpad, go to Settings → Remotes and Devices → Touch Surface Tracking , how.

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How to check the battery levels on the Siri remote and Apple TV game controllers

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