The iPhone has two types of alerts by default: an audible alert and a vibration alert. When your iPhone rings or receives a message, your phone emits both a tone and a buzzing tone. Pressing the mute button on the iPhone will mute the audible alerts, but you will still get the vibrating alerts. This default state may be ideal for most iPhone users, but some others may prefer their iPhone to have no vibration at all.

This article shows you howCompletely turn off all vibrations on iPhone.

If you turn off system-wide vibration in iOS, any situation where you would normally get a buzzing vibration as a warning or notification will stop vibrating. If the iPhone is not in silent mode, the audible alarm will still be activated, but without any physical vibration. When the mute switch is activated on the iPhone, there is not even an audible alarm as a ringtone or text no vibration. The iPhone is completely silent with no physical indication that an alert is occurring.

Note that this is extreme because you have all vibrations on iPhone completely and you disable them everywhere, that is, in all applications, all warnings, all messages and incoming calls – everything will stop vibrating at all. If you just want to turn off vibration for text messages and iMessages on iOS, you can use these instructions to do so.

How to stop all vibration on iPhone

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If you’ve determined that you never want your iPhone to vibrate, here’s how you can turn off the device’s full vibration features on iOS:

  1. Open the Settings application on the iPhone
  2. Go to General, then Accessibility.
  3. Scroll down the Accessibility Features and tap Vibration.
  4. Set the “Vibration” switch to OFF.

When you exit the Settings section, you will find that regardless of the type of warning, notification, or other activity you receive, the iPhone will not vibrate.

You need a vaguely modern version of iOS to use this feature in your iPhone device settings as older versions don’t have a general vibration lock switch.

How to enable all vibration on iPhone

If you want the iPhone vibrator to work again, you can turn vibrations on or off at any time:

  1. Open the Settings application in iOS, go to General, then go to Accessibility.
  2. In the Accessibility Features, tap Vibration, then flip the switch next to Vibration to ON
  3. .

Now all vibrations will be turned back on – unless you’ve turned off message vibrations in iOS. In this case they are still turned off, but other vibrations are turned back on.

This is a setting that differs depending on the user. If you like vibrations, there’s no need to turn them all off. If you like vibration features, one of the most exciting ways to personalize your iPhone is to create and set custom vibration alerts per contact on iPhone so that you can create unique vibration patterns for individual contacts. This way, essentially, you can tell who the caller or contact is by making you feel lonely. This is undoubtedly useful in so many situations. Plus, you can get tactile feedback so you know who is calling you, even with the iPhone in your pocket.

Here’s how to completely turn off all vibration on iPhone

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