One of the advantages of using Google Chrome on your Mac as opposed to Safari is the ability to move multiple tabs into a new window. Find out how to do it.

Move multiple tabs in Google Chrome

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In Google Chrome, unlike Safari, you can move multiple tabs to a new window at the same time by doing the following:

on) In Google Chrome, select the first tab.

2) Then press and hold the ⌘ button

3) Click the additional tabs that you want to move.

4) Release the ⌘ button

5) Drag the tabs into a new window or outside the current window to create a new one.

Yes, it’s that simple.

What about safari?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do a similar task in Safari, although Macworld has developed one that you might want to try out. As explained:

There’s a solution that includes bookmarks and a little fuss, but if you’re moving more than three or four tabs, it’s well worth the effort.

You may also want to know how this works in Chrome for iOS.

Which browser do you use on macOS? Let us know below.

Here’s how to move multiple tabs to a new Google Chrome window

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