The HomePod does not natively support Spotify. You can’t use your voice to control playback like you can with Apple Music. However, Spotify subscribers can’t worry as there is an easy way to stream your favorite music. Our video and tutorial will show you how to play Spotify music on HomePod by yourself.

Apple has a habit of locking users into its own ecosystem. That’s exactly what they did here with the HomePod.

Siri only lets you control your Apple Music songs and playlists, leaving Spotify users on the sidelines. Additionally, the HomePod cannot act as a traditional Bluetooth speaker, making it more frustrating for unknown users.

Fortunately, there is still an easy way to stream Spotify.

Although the HomePod cannot act as a bluetooth speaker, it can act as a peer-to-peer AirPlay as well.

How to stream Spotify on HomePod:

on) Just play Spotify on your iPhone.

2) Then click on the point where ” Available devices “.

3) A new screen with the option ” Other devices “”

4) This will give you a pop-up modal with options to choose between Bluetooth or AirPlay speakers, including the HomePod.

While it’s a bit complicated, at least it is possible to stream Spotify to your new HomePod.

Even better, when you’ve done that, you can stream Spotify to multiple HomePods or AirPlay speakers at the same time.

Spotify users may be better off with other smart speakers with built-in support. However, if you have a HomePod, don’t get stuck entirely.

How to Play Spotify on Your New HomePod

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