For the most part, face recognition is a quick and reliable way to unlock your iPhone X, especially after “exercising” to see your face from different angles. There are still times when you need to use the keyboard to enter your passcode. Maybe because your face is covered or because the TrueDepth camera cannot see your face.

Whatever the reason, the few seconds that elapse between sliding it up to unlock and the time it takes to display the keyboard seem to be forever. Fortunately, there is a simple gesture that you can use to instantly display the passcode keypad.

The trick to it Quickly unlock your iPhone X using the passcode keypad First, swipe up as if to unlock your iPhone X. If your face cannot be seen or recognized, your iPhone will display the words “Face ID” in the center of the screen. Instead of waiting a few seconds for your iPhone to display the keyboard, just do it Tap the Face ID tag . This immediately brings up the keypad where you can dial your access code.

You could argue that waiting 3 seconds for the keyboard to auto-display isn’t a big deal, but if you’re in a hurry, 3 seconds can make a difference. If you’re just as impatient as I am and believe the rationale that you don’t have to wait for technology to work for you, this hack is likely to run your day.

As a side note, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I’m using one that I don’t really recommend, but that I use anyway for convenience. I know I know I should or I should …

If you have similar simple tips that you think can make people’s lives easier, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

How to Quickly Show Passcode Keypad on iPhone X

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