Our deepening with friends, family or even a personal trainer.

However, there are times when you just want to demonstrate your daily goal by just sharing your activity rings or the exercise you just completed or an achievement that you have achieved, rather than going through the whole process of setting up the activity sharing.

This quick tutorial will show you how to quickly share your exercise, performance, or activity rings as a separate image.

How to share your training, performance or activity rings as a screenshot

1) Run the app activity on your iPhone.

two) At the bottom of the screen, tap one of the following tabs:

  • recording – Share your activity rings as a separate screenshot.
  • education – Share your training as a stand-alone screenshot.
  • successes – Share a virtual medal as a separate screenshot.

3) Now use the date picker to select the activity or training data you want or select a virtual medal from your list of achievements and then tap on the menu share in the upper right corner.

4) Press save Image to save the selected item as a picture on the camera roll of your iPhone, Copy to send it to the system clipboard or choose another option for shared sheets.

Select the option to share your achievements as an image via iMessage, for example Embassy . You can also post these images to social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or send them to third-party applications that have a Share Sheet extension.

This method only shares a separate bitmap image of your activity rings, workouts, or performance badges, not the underlying data in numeric form.

To learn more about activity sharing, including inviting friends to share their activity data with you, view friends’ shared data, mute notifications from specific people, remove contacts from sharing, and more.

Did you know that you can share activity rings, workouts and achievements in the form of screenshots?

Share screenshots of your activity rings, workouts, or achievements

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