Facebook decided that Facebook users want videos to play automatically as they scroll through their feed. Of course, not everyone likes the fact that the audio and sound of the autoplay videos play automatically. As a result, some Facebook users may want to stop autoplay playback on the videos shown in their feeds.

Fortunately, in the mysterious maze of Facebook options and account settings, you can turn off the autoplay video sound option and mute videos unless you want to play the audio yourself. Here you can find this option and deactivate this function:

How to turn off auto sound on Facebook videos

This changes the setting to the default setting for muting autoplay videos on Facebook on iOS:

  1. Open the Facebook app on iOS if you haven’t already
  2. Tap the three-line menu button in the lower corner of the iOS app
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  4. Select “Settings” then go to “Account Settings”
  5. Go to Videos & Sounds and toggle the switch for Videos in Newsfeed Start with Sound to OFF.
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If you want to turn off autoplay of videos entirely, you can do so in the same video and sound settings to a limited capacity by selecting Autoplay and choosing the least disruptive option available in new versions of Facebook while older versions can use the method described here instead.

When looking at Facebook settings, you may also want to turn off Facebook sound effects and Facebook sounds on iOS.

How to Stop Auto Playback of Sound in Facebook Videos on iPhone

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