Yesterday to your main iOS client to save your iPhone’s battery life by preventing it from playing audio in the background.

Put the game in the “too little, too late” drawer: if there is still something left to go through in history, it can be stupid to wait for Facebook engineers to roll out a fully battery-friendly iOS app.

The biggest contributor to Facebook’s infamous battery drain has to be the app’s continuous monitoring of your location, which continues after quitting. In this tutorial, we will learn how to prevent this from happening by turning off a feature called Location History and thus recovering some of the juice that was lost by the application that was locking the battery.

Location history is a setting that allows Facebook to create a history of your exact location, provided by your iPhone’s GPS and iOS location services. If activated, Facebook will track your exact location even when you leave the app.

Great, I’m not going to turn on the location of the story, I hear you say. The problem is that when you use location history, it turns on automatically.

While nearby friends are currently available in certain areas, those who have them should follow the steps outlined in this tutorial and turn off location history to prevent Facebook from monitoring your location when you’re not interacting with the app.

How to turn off location history on Facebook

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Step 1: Launch the official Facebook iOS application on your iPhone.

Step 2: Press More on the tab bar at the bottom.

Step 3: Now tap on the Close Friends section.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t see this option, close friends and location history are not yet active in your region.

Step 4: Touch the gear icon.

Step 5: Choose Location Settings.

Step 6: Press to toggle location history on or off.

NEXT STEP: After disabling location history in the app, you should also change the location access of the Facebook app on your iPhone from “Always” or “While using the app” to “Never” as described below.

How to change iPhone location access settings for Facebook

Step 1: Startup settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on Data protection → Location services → Facebook .

Step 3: Tap Never or select While Using the App.

“If you haven’t opted for location history by setting location access to Always and enabling location history in the application, we won’t access your device’s location in the background,” said Facebook.

Never against ‘While using the application’

Choosing “Never” is a surefire solution to the problem. This will stop all location tracking for the app, and it will also prevent certain location-related features from working. For example, you can’t add a location to your messages, use friends and nearby places, can’t tag messages, etc.

To work around this issue, temporarily set Facebook location access to “While using the app” in iOS settings when using these features, and then return to “Never” when finished.

If you select “While using the application”, Facebook can access your location when the application or its features are displayed on the screen. “Facebook uses this to get some features working, to help people find places and a lot more,” the ad said.

Note that Facebook uses dirty tricks to keep its app up and running in the background on your iPhone even when you’re not using it.

Core topic: Select the “Never” option to be 100 percent sure.

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How to turn off location history on Facebook to save iPhone battery life

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