It feels nice when the software works the way it should, but it doesn’t always. For notifications designed to tap your wrist, they may not work if you expect them to.

If you’re having trouble with your Apple Watch and you don’t know what your iPhone is releasing, you should try the steps in this section to find out what’s going on and fix it.

Apple Watch does not receive notifications

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There are a variety of situations where your Apple Watch isn’t giving you the notifications you expected. However, we’ll start with the simplest ones and work our way up to the more detailed troubleshooting steps so you won’t waste as much time as possible.

Whether the notifications are not touching your wrist or not showing on the screen at all, here are some things to keep in mind:

Is bluetooth enabled on your iPhone? Without Bluetooth, the Apple Watch will miss a lot of notifications from various apps. However, there are some applications that use Wi-Fi to get notifications such as: B. the news application. However, you should make sure that Bluetooth is not turned off on your iPhone for the rest of the notifications to sync properly.

Is the Apple Watch paired with your iPhone? In order for your Apple Watch to receive notifications, it must be paired with an iPhone, which is sending the information to you. Check that you’ve paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone. If you’ve already done this, a recent iPhone restore or software update may have started your Apple Watch and needs to be paired again.

Is your Apple Watch within range of a known Wi-Fi network? If your Apple Watch is within range of a Wi-Fi network that you previously used on your iPhone, you can check for notifications from many popular iOS apps and even other apps when your iPhone is out of range. If you are out of range of a known Wi-Fi network and your iPhone is nowhere to be found, you will not receive notifications.

Does your iPhone have an internet connection? If your iPhone doesn’t have an internet connection and your Apple Watch doesn’t, your Apple Watch won’t be able to receive any notifications at all. This can sometimes happen when you are in the middle of nowhere, have poor cellular coverage, and there are no known Wi-Fi networks nearby.

Is the Apple Watch locked? A locked Apple Watch shows a blue lock icon in the status bar. When the Apple Watch is locked, it is assumed that the user is not wearing it and notifications are prevented from hitting the wrist and appearing on the screen for privacy. Try unlocking the device with your passkey to see if the notifications work after that. Please note that the Apple Watch will automatically lock every time it is removed from your wrist or restarted.

Do not you bother? With Do Not Disturb, your Apple Watch will no longer touch your wrist or make any noise until the feature is disabled. Do not disturb is indicated by a purple moon icon in the status bar. If you see this, you’ll need to turn off Do Not Disturb to get notifications on Apple Watch.

Check your Apple Watch notification settings: The Apple Watch has individual settings for notifications. By default, they’ll play on your iPhone, but you may have set certain apps to not show notifications on Apple Watch. Make sure that all of the apps you want to see notifications from are enabled on Apple Watch through the Settings app on the device’s home screen.

Make sure that haptic vibrations are enabled: If your Apple Watch doesn’t tap your wrist as you want when it receives notifications, check that the haptic vibrations in Apple Watch settings are high enough that you can actually feel the feedback from the vibrations. If you set the setting too low, you will lose notifications and feel like you will not be notified at all.

Restart the Apple Watch: The Apple Watch is known to have problems. Try turning it off and on again by pressing and holding the side button near the Digital Crown, then sliding the Off slider. After that, press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo and wait for it to turn on again.

Delete and reinstall the problem application (s): If you have notification issues for specific apps only, and not all, the app may not have installed correctly on Apple Watch. This is a common problem due to the installation process where the Apple Watch and iPhone are 100% wireless, not the Apple Watch itself. Remove the app and then reinstall it from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Check for software updates for your Apple Watch: If notifications aren’t working, check for a watchOS update. The watchOS 2 update for the Apple Watch changed the way apps work on the Apple Watch. If you’re still using an outdated version of watchOS, you might not get the full notification experience. You can check for updates in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Restore Apple Watch: If all else fails, you can always try to factory reset your Apple Watch. Maybe you have a damaged watchOS installation or something in the software decided it was forgetting how to make it work. A factory reset means your Apple Watch should work like a brand new, ready-to-use device again.

Contact Apple: If nothing else works, a radio transmitter or socket motor in the Apple Watch may stop working and you may need to contact Apple for a repair or replacement. Hopefully it doesn’t, but it does. However, Apple should be able to solve the problem.


Apple Watch is a fun accessory for the iPhone. However, if notifications don’t appear on the wrist as expected, they can result in missed notifications that spoil important events or cause users to wait longer than they’d like to receive a response.

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We hope that after these steps you can run your notifications on your device again. If not, we encourage you to share your solution in the comments below to help other readers in a similar scenario.

Notifications are not forwarded to the Apple Watch? Review these possible causes

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