You may also be curious about how much data is being used during a FaceTime video call or audio chat, and luckily, iOS makes it really easy to find out per call.

How to check the use of FaceTime data by FaceTime calls on iOS

  1. Open the phone application and go to the “Recent” section followed by the “All” tab
  2. Find the contact and FaceTime call you want to check data usage for, and from the recent calls list, tap the information button (i) next to their name
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  4. At the top of the Call Information section, you can find details about the date and time of the FaceTime calls, including whether the FaceTime call was incoming or outgoing, how long the call was, and what we’re looking for here, how the FaceTime data is used for this call
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On newer iPhones with better front and rear cameras, HD FaceTime video calls can put a heavy strain on data usage, and it’s not uncommon for a 10-minute video call to consume 150MB and a 30-minute FaceTime video call to consume around 500MB of files. This number can be lower or higher depending on a variety of factors, but a reasonable amount of data usage is expected.

This probably doesn’t matter for most Wi-Fi connections without strict bandwidth limits, but for users with throttled or limited cellular connections, knowing how much data is being used on a Facetime call can be important and it can help you with it help avoid this cellular operator data congestion charges. If you’ve found you’re checking your cell phone data bill and FaceTime calls are consuming a large portion of that amount, consider turning off cellular data usage for the app in Cellular Settings on iPhone.

Similarly, iOS users can also check iMessage data usage. However, since it’s mostly text-based data, iMessage generally uses a lot less data than FaceTime video or audio unless you’re sending and receiving tons of videos and pictures.

See how much data a FaceTime call uses on iPhone

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