My co-worker is frustrated with YouTube’s default “Up Next” feature on the web. Autoplay on YouTube is also one of the nightmares of my existence, but as Anthony notes in his article, YouTube for iOS lacks the option to turn off autoplay videos.

But no more: The latest version of Google’s native YouTube client for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad includes an easy-to-by-pass switch that can help prevent tons of recommended videos from sliding down your neck with just one I’ve touched .

If you often watch YouTube over your iPhone’s cellular connection, we strongly recommend turning off the Next option in the iOS app. So go ahead.

How to stop YouTube from automatically playing recommended videos for iOS

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one) Start the YouTube iOS app on your iPhone. Make sure your device is running version 11.17 or later of the YouTube app. To see which version of YouTube is installed on your iOS device, tap the three vertical dots in the top right of the app and select frame Scroll down the menu and read the box execution .

two) Use the search box above to find a video to play. Or just tap on a recommended video from your home source.

3) Slide button Automatic playback under the video to the OFF position.

On the iPad, the landscape autoplay button is in the top right corner between the channel / link name and the list of similar / recommended videos. In portrait mode on the iPad, the autoplay switch is on the right hand side under the video title, channel name, and other stats.

And that’s it.

When you’re done watching a video on YouTube for iOS, the app won’t automatically play an endless stream of recommended clips, saving you frustration and money from potentially wasting cellular data and incurring overheads.

Of course, this setting has nothing to do with playlists that automatically play the next video as they should. Learn how to turn off autoplay on the YouTube web interface and on YouTube on Apple TV.

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Tip: Stop disrupting YouTube videos autoplay in the iOS app

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