If you’re taking screenshots on your Mac, you might be wondering if macOS supports Touch Bar screenshot. The standard keyboard shortcuts Shift (⇧) Command (⌘) -3 Take a screenshot of everything on the screen without the touch bar.

With macOS 10.12.2, Apple implemented a new shortcut that was specially developed for taking screenshots of the Touch Bar.

Here’s how to capture anything that appears on the Touch Bar as an image file on your computer. You will also learn how to save Touch Bar screenshots to the clipboard for pasting into other applications and add screenshot shortcuts as buttons on the Touch Bar itself.

To reiterate, you’ll need a Mac with the Touch Bar and macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or later to be able to take screenshots of what is displayed on the Touch Bar.

How to take screenshots of Touch Bar

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Press the combination Shift (⇧) -command (⌘) -6 on the keyboard. Everything that is currently displayed on the Touch Bar is captured in an image file stored on the desktop.

Use the built-in Grab application in your / Applications / Utilities / folder to take timed screenshots of the entire screen, a selected area of ​​the screen, or the touch bar yourself.

How to save Touch Bar screenshots to the clipboard

Press Control (βŒƒ) – Shift (C) – Command (⌘) -6 Copy everything you currently see on the Touch Bar to the system clipboard for quick pasting into other applications.

Adjustment of shortcuts for the screenshot of the touch bar

MacOS lets you customize your screenshots and use shortcuts the way you want. On System Preferences β†’ Keyboard β†’ Shortcuts , click on Screenshots in the left column.

In the right column, select the shortcut to save an image of the Touch Bar as a file, then press a new keyboard shortcut that you want to use. If you want, you can also customize the shortcut to save a screenshot of the Touch Bar on the clipboard.

Adding screenshot shortcuts to the touch bar

Your Mac’s Touch Bar can be customized to your liking.

People who take a lot of screenshots may prefer a dedicated button on the Touch Bar control bar for even quicker access to various screenshot features, including choosing where to save screenshots. The computer and much more.

Go to System Settings β†’ Keyboard β†’ Customize Control Bar . Now click and hold the button Screenshot Drag it to the desired location on the touch bar and release it.

Now when you need to take a screenshot, just press the button Screenshot In the Control Strip section of the Touch Bar, choose one of the following options.

  • Selected part – takes a screenshot of a user selected area of ​​the screen.
  • window – Take a screenshot of a window, menu or menu bar.
  • Full screen – Take a screenshot of the full screen.

Even when tapping the menu Stay inside You can choose to have the screenshots sent to the clipboard, saved on the desktop or in the Documents folder, or sent to applications such as Preview, Email, or Messages.

If your Mac is connected to one or more external displays, full screen capture saves an image file for each of the displays individually.

Screenshots and universal clipboard

If your devices support the universal clipboard, a continuity feature in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra or later, you can quickly paste them to another app or device by saving a screenshot to the system clipboard without sending image files from side to side.

After taking a screenshot on your Mac, run an application on another Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the Paste command as you normally would. On another Mac, choose Insert in the Edit menu an application. On an iOS device, launch an application such as Messages or Pages, tap and hold to open the pop-up menu, and then tap Insert .

The devices will instantly establish a direct Wi-Fi connection between them, and the screenshot on your Mac’s clipboard will be wirelessly sent to another device just like that. This method of pasting screenshots between devices bypasses the more complex sharing features like AirDrop or iCloud Photo Library.

Your devices must use the same iCloud account, have Wi-Fi turned on, and be within Bluetooth range for the universal clipboard to work.

Learn more about taking screenshots on Mac.

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How to take screenshots of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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