Don’t you hate it when an object that you want to photograph from a higher perspective appears crooked because you cannot aim the camera perfectly at ground level?

With a few handy crosshairs in the standard camera app – a little-known feature of iOS 11 – you can take perfectly square photos of everything on the floor without the need of a tripod.

Best of all, this built-in tool activates automatically when you hold the phone horizontally.

Similar to the leveling tool in the Compass app, this function uses the integrated gyro sensor to determine whether the device is level against the background.

For this function, your device must have iOS 11 or higher and the camera grid is activated.

How to use iOS 11 iPhone’s camera layer

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one) Run the app the settings on your device with iOS 11 or higher.

two) Press camera on the list.

3) Slide the labeled lever Grid in the ON position.

When the camera grid is activated, the leveling tool will automatically appear in the camera app when the device is pointing at the ground.

4) Exit and start the Settings app camera .

5) Go to Period of time , photo , portrait or square Recording mode.

6) Point your device at the floor so that the reticles appear.

You will notice that one of the crosshairs is fixed (white) while the other is floating (yellow).

NOTE: Unfortunately, the leveling tool is not available when taking panoramic images or using one of the available video capture modes.

7) Tilt your device to bring the crosshairs closer together. The closer they are, the closer it is to keeping the device straight. When the device is perfectly parallel to the floor, the two overlapping grids should appear as a single bolder grid.

8th) With the crosshairs aligned, tap the button Clasp . It’s that simple. You have a perfectly centered and symmetrical image from the air.

With the leveling tool, it’s now a breeze to capture something from a bird’s eye view so that it appears perfectly square in the frame. This feature is especially useful for me when taking photos of a document that is on a table.

And that’s it, guys and gals!

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How to take square photos with iPhone using camera leveling feature

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