Do you want to mute a noisy video in an embedded message? You can do it with a subtle trick. This will mute the embedded video sound in the Messaging apps on iOS and Mac, so you can play embedded videos in messaging conversations without starting them in a web browser.

How to mute video embedded in messages

The silent video trick works the same way on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Of course, you touch an iOS device and click a Mac, but everything else is the same:

  1. Play an embedded video message in messages as usual
  2. Find the speaker icon and tap (or click) it to mute the video
  3. .

  4. Touch the speaker icon again to unmute the video

That’s all, simple and easy.

This is useful when you want to watch a video without audio bouncing all over the place, but you don’t want to mute system-wide sound from the iOS device or Mac for some reason.

How to mute the sound in embedded news videos

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