If you send and receive a lot of picture messages from an iPhone or iPad but don’t have the most generous data plan in the world, consider turning on an optional setting that lowers the picture quality of pictures sent by iOS messages. . The end result of enabling low quality picture mode is that not only is the picture quality of the messages sent is drastically reduced, but much less data is used.

Setting the low quality picture mode filter is only possible on modern versions of iOS for iPhone. It comes in handy if iOS 10 or later has this feature.

How to enable “Low Quality Picture Mode” in Messages for iPhone

  1. Open the Settings application and go to Messages
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Message Settings and toggle the Bad Picture Mode switch to ON.
  3. .

When the low quality picture mode is enabled, the pictures sent by the Messages app are of significantly lower quality to reduce the use of device data.

Any image that is sent in low quality with the image mode activated is compressed to approximately 100 KB. This is considerably smaller than a 5MB iPhone camera image or a large animated GIF sent through the Messages app.

This can be a great trick if you are reaching the limit of your data plan and want to minimize overhead, and it can be useful if you are trying to send pictures with low cell signal as the overall size is much smaller. In the latter case, enabling this option will sometimes forward the message when a picture message repeatedly fails to be sent due to poor cellular coverage or poor network connection.

If you think the picture quality is too low to be reasonable and don’t mind reverting to standard data usage, the messaging application can send normal sized pictures by simply changing the low quality picture mode setting.

Note that this feature may interfere with some animated gifs found in GIF search for messages. So if you use animated gifs a lot, you might not want to use the feature either. However, it does not currently appear to have any effect on adhesives. Therefore, you may want to manually reduce the use of adhesives.

Use low quality picture mode to send messages from iPhone with less data

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