Have you ever discovered that your iPhone feels warm to the touch? It’s not common, but sometimes an iPhone even feels hot when the back of the iPhone and the screen of the device are hot to the touch, sometimes enough to make you feel uncomfortable and make your hands sweat.

It’s quite annoying when an iPhone runs hot as it almost always coincides with fast battery drain and overall slow performance. We’re going to follow some simple steps that can help fix a hot iPhone, cool it down, and return to normal performance.

My iPhone is hot, why?

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The most common reason an iPhone feels hot is related to the software. This is usually because some applications or processes running on iPhone are putting heavy demands on the device’s processor, resulting in heavy usage. Excessive power and heat dissipation. The good news is that often the solution is simple too, since the problem is often software-related.

Of course, there are other reasons an iPhone can be hot too. For example, if you leave it on a heater opening or in direct sunlight on a warm day, the device will also heat up. In such situations, just move it away from the heat source.

How to Fix a Hot iPhone

Here are five easy solutions to fix an iPhone when it’s getting too hot:

0: wait, did you just update the iOS system software?

If you have just upgraded to a new version of the iOS system software and the iPhone is now hot, sometimes the iPhone will get hot for a while while the device is re-indexing data on your phone. This is normal and will resolve on its own over time. If you leave an iPhone plugged in overnight (in a well-ventilated area), indexing will complete and the iPhone will return to normal temperature.

1: Exit applications

Sometimes an application can go sideways and cause the CPU to become overloaded and result in a hot iPhone. Quitting applications can sometimes fix the problem.

  1. Double tap the home button to open the multitasking switch
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  3. Swipe up on each app to close and exit

In general, when an iPhone is running hot and you’re not sure what the problem is, it makes sense to quit all apps. Then wait a few minutes to see if the iPhone cools down.

2: Update apps

The malicious application may have a problem because it has a bug. In this case, updating your applications can be helpful as the application developer may have posted a bug fix.

  • Open the App Store application, go to the Updates tab and choose Update All.
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If, after updating the apps, the reason for the iPhone heating up is due to an app-specific error that has been fixed, this should be fixed with an update.

3: update iOS

More rarely, sometimes the software problem is related to a bug or a problem with the iOS itself. In this case, the iOS update will usually fix the problem. Always back up your iPhone before updating the iOS system software.

  1. Back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, or both
  2. Open the Settings application and go to General, then Software Update.
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  4. Download and install the available updates

Once the update is installed, your iPhone will re-index the data on the device as mentioned in step ‘0’ which ironically can cause the device to warm up for a while. In this situation, just wait, it will likely cool down when the ordering and indexing is done. Sometimes it’s better to leave it connected overnight to complete this process.

4: reset all iPhone settings

It is possible that a setting somewhere in iOS is causing the device to get hot and work too hard. Resetting device settings can therefore sometimes be helpful. This is NOT the same as factory resetting the device. It just resets settings and adjustments to things like screen brightness or Wi-Fi settings. You should back up your iPhone before doing this to be sure.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to “General” and then to “Reset”.
  2. Select “Reset All Settings”
  3. Confirm that you want to reset all device settings

No custom settings are made when the iPhone restarts. This means that you have to change things like bold, screen brightness, WiFi settings, DNS etc.

5: Backup and restore

I know nobody wants to do that. Backing up and restoring your iPhone is a huge hassle, but it can be a necessary troubleshooting step. When you have all of Apple’s support, you almost always need to do this before you bring a device in for repair. It can be effective, so despite the hassle and time involved, it is worth mentioning.

  1. To back up iPhone to iCloud, go to Settings> iCloud> Backup and select Back up Now
  2. Back up iPhone in iTunes by connecting it to a computer and selecting “Backup” in the iTunes application.
  3. When the backup is complete, connect iPhone to iTunes on a computer and choose Restore.
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  5. Explore the recovery process and restore the device from a backup

The backup and restore process can take several hours, if not longer (a large iPhone with lots of storage space can take many hours ….. the last time I backed up and restored my iPhone, for example, it took about 6 hours … is not fast so reserve the time required for this, be patient and only start this process when you have the time.

The good news is that backing up and restoring can be an effective troubleshooting technique and fix your hot iPhone problem.

Rare: the temperature warning

In rare cases, the iPhone can even overheat and trigger a temperature warning on the device. However, this is almost always due to an external heat source, e.g. B. in the sun or on a car vent or an electrical outlet a home or office. When this happens, it is not subtle because if the device overheats, the iPhone will display a temperature warning and the phone will become unusable until it cools down. In this case, you need to quickly remove it from the heat source and let it cool (insert an iPhone) before a fan overheated in the shade usually works fine).

The iPhone is still hot, now what?

If after all of the above steps your iPhone is still hot, and even left it plugged in in a ventilated place overnight, then you may have a less common battery or hardware problem. This is quite unusual, but it does happen sometimes. In this case, you usually need Apple iPhone service through an official support channel or an authorized repair center.

Did the Above Tricks to Fix Your iPhone Work? Do you have any other tips on how to solve an iPhone problem? Let us know in the comments!

Why is my iPhone hot? Here’s why and how to fix a hot iPhone

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